whitch doctor


Witch Doctor

One thing this drink has is pronounced arrack and rum flavors and at the same time it´s refreshing due to the fresh lime, basil and soda. The drink is slightly earthy and herbal and it´s delicious!


1 oz             By the Dutch Batavia Arrak
1 oz             Smith & Cross Jamaican rum
0.5 oz         basil syrup
0.5 oz         fresh lime juice
Top with soda
Garnish with fresh basil, cut in stripes (chiffonade)


Shake the ingredients together except the soda. Pour into a tall glass and top with soda, then add chiffonade basil for garnish and if you wish, a tropical orchid.

Credit: Helena – amountainofcrushedice.com
Thanks for the picture and the recipe suggestion! Check it out!