“By the Dutch”, founded in 2015, is producer of traditional spirits with a Dutch heritage. Our products are mainly distilled and handcrafted in Schiedam – Netherlands/Holland. The so-called “Genever-Town”. Our main goal is to increase the national and international awareness of these Dutch spirits.

Genever Town Schiedam
Genever Town Schiedam

Dutch Spirits:

The traditional Dutch Spirits are doing extremely well these days. The producers are working hard refining their products. The reputation of Dutch Spirits keeps growing abroad, their quality is increasingly recognized and  appreciated by an expanding group of consumers and professionals.

The knowledge around the products within the Dutch Distilleries are transferred from father to children. Over the years, knowledge deepened and improved, without making any concession to traditional production methods. Love for the product, timing, sense of ingredients and flavor and an excellent nose are qualities that have been passed through generations for centuries.

The Netherlands have always played a leading role in the world of fine spirits. The Dutch were the first to understand the art of making excellent spirit from agricultural products, that technology has spread across the world. In fact, the Dutch were the first liqueur producers in the world.

The quality and richness of the Dutch luxury spirits has a rich history, many consumers and professionals domestic and abroad have already discovered this treasure!